A halting transport system is a serious problem for everyone.Therefor,at the end of every five year in the service railcars and their main parts must be controlled and revised according to UIC & GCU standarts.

Rayvag gives reliable,fast,safe and economical periodic revision services for every kind of railcars.

All types of wagons which we are experienced about periodic revision are given below;

  • Rgs type Freight Wagon
  • Regs type Freight Wagon
  • Habfis type Freight Wagon
  • Laags type Freight Wagon
  • Smm type Freight Wagon
  • Hirss type Freight Wagon
  • Hillrrs type Freight Wagon
  • Habfis type Freight Wagon
  • Zaes type Freight Wagon

Quality in Service

Rayvag does these revisions according to UIC ,GCU and TCDD(TTS 340) norms.Rayvag also updates technical staff and machinery park according to the development in the sector and market.


Rayvag had done perodic revisions of many different types of railcars since the year 2009.Those railcars are now in service and working without any problem.The quantity of revised cars were 2100 at the end of year 2011.

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