High Quality Sandblasting and Painting

Sand blasting is a must before working on any steel material both new or used.By applying this on the material you can see the deformation on used railcar bodies or chasis easily and welding procedure would be more effective and healty .At the same time sand blasting increases the penetration ratio of the paint that would be applied on the material.Rayvag has a unique sand blasting unit in which everykind of railcar or main part can be sand blasted easily and safely.Sa2½ type steel grids are bing used fort his activity.By this way paint applied on the railcar or any part has a very long life.

Healthier Water Based Painting

Rayvag is also able to apply water based paint on the railcars according to customers’ needs.

Environment Friendly Facilities

Rayvag has emission degrees under minimum permitted levels.Rayvag is an environment friendly company.