Y25 is a general purpose bogie for freight cars .It has different types for different loading applications.

Y25Ls(s)d1 is one of them.

  • It is suitable for 120km/h speed(ss speed regime)(UIC 543)
  • The brake joint components can bear 120kN withdrawal force
  • Brake system provides 90% effective brake power for loading up to 20 tones per axle

Brake system provides 100% effective brake power for loading up to 18 tones per axle

Rayvag uses drawings approved by ERRI & UIC for production of this bogie.

Technical Drawing


Axle Load 22,5 tones
Max Speed    
Service 120 km/s
Up to 20 tones 120 kms/h
Up to 22,5 tones 100 km/s
Distance between axles on bogie 1800 mm
Wheel diameter 920 mm
Basic Version 4500 kg