Rayvag is a railway company that gives service in manufacturing new railcars,new bogies and new spare parts for railcars. At the same time Rayvag gives periodic revisions,maintenance and overhauling services for railcars in use. Rayvag facilities are based on 58.000m² area and 8500m² of it is closed area .Rayvag has its’ own 3500m. rail network.

Rayvag is located in Adana city Industrial Estate near Adana-Iskenderun main railway line and 100km far from both Mersin and Iskenderun ports.

Rayvag has an efficient machinery park which also includes wheel lathe,wheel press,plasma cutting,sand blasting,painting and owen units;and technical staff certified by notified bodies for these works.Some of the staff are former TCDD(Turkish State Railways) technical officers.

Rayvag has ISO 9001:2008,ISO 14001:2004,OHSAS 18001:2007,DIN EN 15085-2(CL1), EN 287-1, EN 719 , EN 729-2 certificates.

In late 2008 Rayvag designed a Sgs type container wagon and had it tested in TULOMSAS by ITU(Istanbul Technical University) and TCDD.

Rayvag has a new licence given by TCDD for production of Sgmmns45’’ type container wagon;which is compeletely designed by Rayvag and had all the tests done by TCDD and ITU(Istanbul Technical University)in TULOMSAS and on the TCDD main rail network.

Rayvag also manufactures Y25 Ls(s)d1 type railcar bogies and some spare parts for freight wagons.